WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE Restoration of Shrubland-Dependant Wildlife

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Welcome to the Wildlife Management Institute's land management application for the restoration of shrubland-dependent wildlife. You can familiarize yourself with the glossary of terms below.

About the Data

WMI has developed and maintains an online database which is a repository for certain habitat management data regarding species that inhabit young forest and shrubland habitats. Some of this data is tied to landowner information that legally cannot be shown to individuals who have not signed a non-disclosure agreement. As a general user you can still access data that does not fall into this category. If you need to access this data you can contact the site administrator.

Glossary of Terms

An accomplishment is any of the following activities related to land management or conservation. Accomplishments will be a distinct spatial layer(s) (point, line, and polygon) but during reporting will be a summary of all of the activity below (management plan, assessment, recommendation, completed treatments, monitoring, or outreach).
Management Plan:
A document created after a meeting between a contractor and a landowner during which the contractor assessed property and made written Recommendations to manage for certain species of wildlife.
A formal or informal assessment created between a contractor and a landowner during which the contractor assessed property, which may or may not include written or unwritten Recommendations, and may have created a Management Plan. An assessment is inclusive of a management plan (type of assessment).
A formal suggestion made by a contractor or partner on how to treat an area of land to benefit a focal species, and any number of secondary species.
A land management activity. Treatment is a type of accomplishment.
Efforts to survey or track a species in a defined area.
Efforts to communicate conservation and land management benefits to a public audience.